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Refugee Health Program

About the Refugee Health Program

Please note that the Refugee Health Assessment Clinic is now located at the Wagga Wagga Multicultural Council at 18 Station Place, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650

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The refugee health assessment service was established in August 2010. Wagga Wagga is a rural settlement site for refugee people. The steady increase in the refugee population and the specialised needs of this group has driven a response to provide better care for the refugee families. The Clinic is held each Monday from the Wagga Wagga Multicultural Council. It is staffed by local General practitioners who have a special interest in refugee health and a Refugee Health nurse.The clinic provides screening and treatments that are required in the first few months of settlement. Links are then established for the patients into General Practices. Ongoing care is provided by the GP of the patients’ choice.

The Health assessment clinic provides:

  • A comprehensive medical examination and appropriate follow up care
  • Assistance with linking patients to services, resources and networks required for successful settlement
  • Support to patients to choose a General Practitioner and further support by providing a comprehensive handover to the GP
  • Sensitive to the effects of torture and trauma, cultural needs and respects the difference in negotiating the health system in Australia
  • A safe and secure environment
  • Information on the health care system and health care services available in Australia
  • Optimises consultation through longer appointments and the use of interpreter services

How can the Refugee Health Program help you?

Assisting refugee families and individuals settle into the Australian environment is fundamental for a happy healthy community. Ensuring all refugees have the same levels of immunisations as per Australian immunisation schedule and providing education regarding health is paramount for a healthy settled community.

For Health Professionals
The General Practitioners who are involved in the clinics are local GP’s. The GP’s are supported by educational events during the year and the clinic nurse support. Upon discharge from the clinic the Refugee Health assessment nurse will attend an appointment with the new General Practice patients and hand over the ongoing care as well as any of the relevant medicals histories and completed investigations

Clinical Guidelines - ASID


Achieved in 2013/14:

  • 292 occasions of service
  • 46 Clinics
  • 114 referrals to other service providers
  • The refugee health assessment clinic has ensured comprehensive screening of all newly arrived refugees
  • The clinic has provided information and resources for General Practice. Continually engaging stakeholders and care providers to ensure the service is delivering effective efficient service


Multicultural Council of Wagga Wagga
(02) 6921 6666